Meet the Team

We’re looking forward to working with you.


Nicole – Owner, Lead Floral Designer

My passion for flowers goes back to my childhood and my dad’s love of growing roses. I earned a BA from Colby College in biology with a concentration in plant studies and went on to receive a certificate in floral design from the Rittners School in Boston. Before Blooms of Hope, I taught life science to students in various academic environments.

10 Fun Facts

  1. My grandparents owned a maple sugar farm in New Brunswick Canada.
  2. I met my husband, Kevin, at Colby College in 1996 about two months before graduation.
  3. The cool high school hang out was a large shaker chair in my hometown of Gardner, Massachusetts (the Chair City).
  4. I carried a bouquet of light pink peonies at my wedding.
  5. Celebrity crush = Jon Bon Jovi (because he is a cute humanitarian)
  6. I still hang out with three of my friends from kindergarten.
  7. My kids describe my Sims character as vigilant.
  8. I am a Gemini and obsessed with checking my horoscope.
  9. Favorite season = Fall
  10. If there’s music playing don’t expect me to be sitting still. 
* Photo Credit: Zev Fisher Photography


Danielle – PR Coordinator, Graphic Designer

Before Blooms of Hope, I was a Boston-based Art Director in advertising with a degree in New Media Design from RIT. During wedding season I started helping on deliveries and loved being behind the scenes for these beautiful events. I joined the Blooms of Hope team in February 2013 and brought along my graphic design skills, social media know-how, creativity and positive attitude.

10 Fun Facts

  1. I LOVE hearing love stories.
  2. My two year old son is the funniest person I know, although his sister is not far behind.
  3. I am a New York sports fan (gasp)!
  4. Celebrity crush = Tie between Kevin Costner and Thor
  5. I have a wicked sweet-tooth. My go-to candy would be anything chocolate.
  6. My Grandmother is a REAL clown named Pringles. We share a lot of family clown jokes.
  7. I played D3 college softball, Go Tigers!
  8. Like Nicole, I am also a Gemini but I rely on her to tell me our horoscope.
  9. Favorite season = Fall
  10. I had my first cup of coffee when I was 23 and have been going strong ever since.
* Photo Credit: Zev Fisher Photography

Diane – Floral Assistant

A lifelong artist, I began my career as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in magazine publishing in New York. While raising a family in the Boston area, I worked as a Photojournalist for the local newspaper and had a successful child portraiture business. Most recently, I earned a certificate in Professional Floral Design at Cass in Watertown and furthered my training at Little Flower School Brooklyn. I am drawn to floral design because this three-dimensional medium allows me to combine all aspects of my creativity in a meaningful way, bringing beauty to other people’s significant life events.

10 Fun Facts

  1. My nickname is Birdie
  2. I once danced onstage (non-professionally) with renowned tap dancer, Savion Glover
  3. Skydiving is on my bucket list
  4. My favorite flowers are Ranunculus and Iceland Poppies
  5. Celebrity crush = Ansel Elgort
  6. I lived in Switzerland
  7. One of my favorite movies is Il Postino
  8. I have never (ever) eaten a hamburger
  9. Favorite season = Fall (but Summer comes in a close second)
  10. I am an amateur Tarot card reader
* Photo Credit: Diane Davies


Rachael – Floral Assistant

Working with people brings me joy. I studied business at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst with a concentration in marketing. I’ve since worked in corporate settings, acquired my real estate license and have planned and designed parties. I love to explore the endless amounts of creativity life has to offer and that passion has now brought me to work at Blooms of Hope.

10 Fun Facts

  1. I was born and raised in Trinidad.
  2. I never turn down the chance to sing karaoke. My warm up tune is “I will survive” but maybe you wouldn’t after I’m done singing, hehe.
  3. One of my favorite life experiences has been walking the canopies of an African rain forest.
  4. My niece and I share the same birthday. Best birthday present ever!
  5. Only two more continents to touch (minus Antarctica because ain’t nobody got time for icy weather!)
  6. I have a HUGE  and loving family with over 70 first cousins!
  7. Self proclaimed ‘Bargain Shopper’
  8. I am a Taurus with no idea what that really means but Nicole does!
  9. Favorite season = Summer
  10. There is a separate album on my phone for memes. 
* Photo Credit: Danielle Jalbert


Murray – Shop Dog

He’s furry, fluffy, kissable and cute! Murray hangs out in the studio a few times a week making us smile and giving high-fives when he likes our work.

* Photo Credit: Danielle Jalbert