Cake Flowers

Everyone loves wedding cake, YUM! If you are looking to add flowers to your already beautiful (and delicious) wedding cake, we are happy to help with that. A few of the questions we will ask you: What is the pastry chef going to do? Where can we add flowers to it? Do you have any inspirational photos to share? And… can you save us a slice?

Photo Credits: PEACH+BEE Photography | Dan Aguirre | Shane Godfrey | Nicole Chan | Shannon Grant | Ebersole | Amara Photo | Kate McElwee | Marissa Joy | Joshua Behan | Jess Foto | Shannon Cronin | The Imagery Studio | Jim Canole | Erica Ferrone | Bethany and Dan Photography | Briana Moore | Lovely Valentine | Shane GodfreyKatie Noble | Diane Davies |  Kelly BenvenutoSolare Wedding Photography | Scky Art Studios