Centerpieces are a major focal point of the event space and your chance to really make an impression. A lot of detail goes in to a great centerpiece and we love to incorporate your personal style into our design. A few things to consider to make the most of your budget:

  • Tall arrangements are more expensive than low arrangements.
  • Groupings tend to cost more than one vase per table, even if the grouping has less flowers.
  • Candles and votives can alter the cost per table.
  • Tightly packed flowers are typically more expensive than flowers with greenery. White hydrangea is also a good filler flower if you do not like the look of greenery.
  • On a flower pricing scale, calla lilies and orchids are in the top-tier, roses and gerber daisies are in the middle and chrysanthemums and carnations are in the lower-tier. There are lots of other flower options but this scale is a good pricing base.
  • The more top-tier flowers used, the more expensive the centerpiece will be.

TIPS: Creating a combination of tall and low centerpieces will make your reception room more interesting and dynamic.

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